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Kansas City based saxophonist


Kansas City’s source to find live jazz 365 days a year


Sax Alley is located in Fort Collins Colorado. The owner Tim Glesmann is one of the most knowledgeable resources for saxophone I've come across.


The American Jazz Museum located in Kansas City is in the heart of the 18th & Vine Jazz District and home to the Blue Room, a great venue.


The mission of the KCJA is to help preserve the rich cultural heritage of jazz in Kansas City, and to support and promote the musicians, students, businesses and fans of the Kansas City jazz community. Their financial support comes primarily from membership fees, tax-deductible donations, and fundraising events.


Brian Powell and Erik Greiffenhagen are two of the most skilled mouthpiece refacing technicians around, also producing their line of Mouthpiece Cafe pieces.


Doug is one of the highest regarded educators, saxophone players, and composers I have had the chance to know. An inspiration to many!


The Phoenix is Kansas City's longest running live jazz venue located in the heart of KCMO's Downtown. Featuring live jazz 7 nights a week.


Green Lady is an exclusively Jazz lounge featuring Kansas City Jazz musicians in the rich Kansas City tradition.  Free of televisions you can focus on music, atmosphere and conversation.  


Big thanks to Ms. Wagners summer mini-music maestros program at the library. They found my page and it helped them to learn about (woodwind) instruments and developed this page of musical terms for kids to learn. What a cool group of kids!

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